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Full Range Driver

Data Sheet
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  • 500 W Program Power.
  • 100 dB Sensitivity (1W/1m).
  • Triple cone configuration and geometry provides genuine, unrivalled extended frequency range up to 17 kHz.
  • The finest option for full range output in compact PA systems.
  • Superb when deployed for house of worship applications offering well defined vocal presence and clarity.
  • Optimised cone pulp offers increased strength, durability and performance.
  • 2-inch Copper clad aluminium voice coil.
  • Please enquire about alternative impedances.
  • A.E.S. power handling test. Pink noise bandpass filtered at 12 dB per octave with cutoff frequencies of 50 Hz and 500 Hz. Driver mounted in free air, test signal applied at rated power for two hours.
  • Please note that the frequency response measurements are supplied for comparison only and are not a measure of the low frequency performance which may be achieved in a fully optimised system.
Electro Acoustic Specifications
Nominal Chassis Diameter 12" / 304.8 mm
Impedance 8 Ω
Power Handling 250 W (A.E.S.)
Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 1000 W (A.E.S.)
Usable Frequency Range (-6dB) 45 Hz - 17 kHz
Sensitivity (1W - 1m) Wideband 100 dB
Moving Mass (inc. Air Load) 52 grams
Minimum Impedance (Zmin) 7.4 Ω
Effective Piston Diameter 10.31" / 261.87 mm
Magnet Weight 56 oz
Magnetic Gap Depth 0.31" / 7.87 mm
Flux Density 1.1 Tesla
Coil Winding Height 0.43" / 10.92 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 2.0" / 50.8 mm
Speaker Type Full Range Driver
Speaker Series The Sovereign Series
Program Power 500 W (A.E.S.)
Sensitivity (1W / 1m) Working band
Thiele Small Parameters (TSPs)
FS 50 Hz
Re 7.2 Ω
QMS 7.6
QES 0.72
QTS 0.64
Vas 78.06 Litres
Vd 0.165 Litres
CMS 0.195 mm/N
BL 13 T/m
MMS 52 grams
Xmax 3.5 mm
Sd 530.9 cm2
Efficiency 1.30%
Le 1.56 mH
EBP 69.44 Hz
Materials of Construction
Coil Former Material Glass Fibre
Voice Coil Material Copper Clad Aluminium Wire
Magnet Material Ferrite
Chassis Material Pressed Steel
Cone Material Paper
Surround / Edge Termination Polyvinyl Damped Dbl. Half Roll Linen
Dust Dome Material Paper
Connectors Solder Tag
Polarity Positive voltage at red terminal causes forward motion of cone
Mounting / Shipping Information
Overall Diameter 12" / 304.8 mm
Width Across Flats N/A
Flange Height 0.27" / 6.9 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter F/M 11.25" / 285.75 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter R/M 11.25" / 285.75 mm
Gasket Supplied Front & Rear
Outer Fixing Holes 8x ø 7.0 mm on 11.75" / 298 mm PCD
Inner Fixing Holes Not Applicable
Depth 5.43" / 137.92 mm
Weight 9.47 lb / 4.3 Kg
Recommended Enclosure Volume 1.05 - 2.64 cu ft / 30 -75 Litres
Shipping Weight 11.35 lb / 5.15 Kg
Packing Carton Dimensions (W) 330 (D) 330 (H) 170 mm
A cheap top
ReviewerAlexandre970 / FromFrance / Date16 May 2015
I wanted to try these HP by replacing 1 EMINENCE BETA 12A + APT 80. I had a hole thomann in the mediums that I no longer have with this CT. The idea was to be able to lend my caisson in 18 "equipped with filter for TOP without asking me if my treble will go ... First test against the BETA rather conclusive.
Good all-rounder.
ReviewerKlaus 1 / FromGermany / Date27 Mar 2014
This is always such a thing with 12 "broadband loudspeakers.Multiple the sound is undifferentiated by the large membrane.Its not so thomann here: clearly demarcable frequency spectra - tested with EQ filter journeys.In particular the clear height reproduction by the Dualcone surprised me pleasantly. As expected, the basses come taut and crisp. These features really only add significantly more expensive coaxspeakers. All in all a multitalent. I can make thomann a clear recommendation.
Fane Sovereign 12-250 TC
ReviewerPascal683 / FromFrance / Date04 May 2017
I bought this HP to fit a 12-inch bass cabinet that lacked treble. The bi-cone Fane Sovereign, what do thomann I say, the tri-cone does its job and suddenly the treble has. In fact as it is a wide band you have everything. It is enough just to equalize to get what one seeks. The HP is given for 250 watts in 8 ohm and it can thomann be said that it restores the power announced. The value for money is really very good
awesome if used wisely
Reviewer / FromItaly / Date16 Jan 2016
After trying the Fane 12,200 "normal" and the LT model (double cone) I wanted to try this "tricone" version, the thomann latest evolution of the species. I mounted into a 2x12 "empty from about 100 liters with front reflex tuned on 50hz or so. I must say I was really impressed by how much and how salt in frequency. The graphs I expected a very directional response on acute thomann but rather in life real works really well. In the case, for being low, I used it together with a 12 200 "normal" to make more balanced tone and I must say I am very, very satisfied. In practice I have an answer almost as soft dome tweeters thomann but without having either crossover or anything. I repeat: if you know how to use it is incredible.
Unbelievable !!!
ReviewerYvesR / FromFrance / Date15 Jul 2014
First point, rectifies, it is not a double cone, but a triple cone. It is not really visible in the thomann photo, but in the cone of 5 "(itself in the middle of the 12"), there is a very rigid third of 1.4 ". Result, it climbs in acute as much as a compression. See the curve, it is true. I tested it alone in closed enclosure thomann and also by 2 in column so 500 w rms / 4 ohms. Obviously, everything depends on what you want to do with it. For me, it was necessary to integrate in a facade equipped with double boxes 46. So, holding in low, bof, unimportant, thomann it is indeed reduced in small satellite closed, but surprised, although it serves no purpose, excellent column 70 liters in Bass Reflex. The problem with the usual solution 38 + 1 "is that the 1" generally admits less than 100 watts, sometimes not more than 20 watts. thomann So, fed up with mending compresses when a DJ nanny makes a toy with her high-pitched button. Second problem, an amp loaded in 2 times 8 ohms gives less than 2 times 4. So to follow a strong bass line, you need at least 4 speakers thomann 15 "+ 1" or 12 "+ 1". All that is paid for, including trunk, filter etc. If one manufactures it, one understands its pain, if one finds Chinese at prices tip top, should not hope to keep his fallopian tubes long. This jewel of Fane thomann Sovereign is presented as a boomer that climbs in frequency, but after test, I see it more like a real 250 watts RMS / 500 watt tweeter music 108 db / 1w / wm which agrees to go down to 60 hz without breaking ! Let's talk thomann about the result: With 2 columns of 2 fane 12-250TC, I have 1000 watts RMS and 2 Kwa music, with a higher output than anything I've had. I compare the sound to my 38 + 1 "(and not the entry-level, noble!) 1) I had planned thomann compressions 108 db filtered at 5 Khz, unnecessary. 2) in the axis at 15 meters, one feels more than double, 3) virtually no need for equalizer, crystalline sound. 4) more afraid of forcing the tweeters 5) much cheaper. Now, be careful, I observed thomann an unusual directivity, I would say less than 60 ° - to "shoot" far, it's great, I'm delighted, I was just afraid that it scattered in all directions, I am looking for scope, kind meetings + 1500 people without line array, outdoor concerts , Etc. - thomann but for those who want a large opening in proximity, it is not very open. Me, I compensate with edges of scene in 10 "+ 1" in reduced power with openings 100 ° x 40 ° for those who are in front. If necessary, I will put thomann 4. In short, you have to know what you want to do with it, it may not be to put in all the sauces, but you can draw a surprising result, and in its field, I look for I do not see anyone The 200 TC same thomann brand, very much lower yield in acute, nor its competitor in E .... which is a boomer / medium but which requires a top complement. In fact, apart from the directivity that will be a quality for some and fault for others, just read the characteristics, simply thomann often on paper is good and in truth one is deceiving. As in poker, I had to pay to see, I took the risk, without regret, go free. In my opinion, we have not finished seeing, these tins. And all that at a Thomann price.
Recommended loudspeakers
ReviewerJosé Rafael / FromSpain / Date31 Mar 2014
I bought these 2 speakers to put them in some old acoustic speakers without Need for crossower, connect directly thomann and ready. The result has been satisfactory, the sound is good and the range of frequencies they reach is adequate, the bass and middle sound good and with the double cone the high frequencies are perceived clearly (evidently, it does not sound like a double track but it thomann is downright good ). I use them with a 215W RMS Ampli Behringer 530PMP (also purchased In Thomann) to plug in a drum machine, microphone and eventually a guitar. In short, some speakers are recommended for their good sound, price Moderate and simplicity thomann of connection.
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